Eva – Mobile App for your Business

Ready for integration within 5 days.

Increase customer satisfaction – eliminate queues!

Personal mobile application of your business in the pocket of your client.
Accept appointments online and allow clients to schedule their time with your business.

Eva allows to have fully customizable app, its all about your details. Allow Eva to boost your sales and make your business run easily by digitally taking care of your customers and employee scheduling management.

Fully automatic booking reminders lets you cut down costs, remove those annoying missed appointments and easy to see no-shows.

Eva can:
— accept appointments online;
— receive direct payments;
— promote your products;
— build client database;
— set reminders;
— show reports and etc.

With Eva you can:
— automate many of your daily tasks – such as answering calls and making records of incoming appointments;
— shorten the time of doing routine jobs;
— set reminders and notifications;
— help you build and manage client database.