QA / Testing

Ensure your software product meets customer requirements and expectations.

About Testing Services & Quality Assurance

We perform manual testing to provide personal impression about your product. We evaluate its performance, usability and interface.

Turning routine manual tests into automated scripts for automatic software verification.

Performing penetration testing by simulating real cyberattack to define vulnerabilities of your environment and its security level.

Why is it useful?

Reducing risks associated with quality and safety before product’s launch.

✔ Data flow and load testing

✔ Compatibility testing

✔ Functionality testing

✔ Security testing

✔ UI/UX testing

Benefits you get

✔ Preventing customers from unpleasant usage experience

✔ Increasing existing and potential customers’ loyalty

✔ Timely implementation of necessary improvements

Preventing breakdowns

How does it work?

Submit your request using online form and we will contact you for further consultation.