IT Architecture

Designing your business' IT architecture and establishing logical relationships between its components.

About IT Architecture

The structure of computing system, representation of software elements, their properties and the relationships among them.

Same concept as for house building, but for Software — part of the project planning phase, when modeling main solution blocks/modules, components and services using graphical representation, normally using UML diagrams.

Enterprise Architecture — software block representation within the company.

Solution / Software Architecture — more detailed representation of technical services, components and results of their inter-communication within project.

IT infrastructure Architecture — hardware or network representation of the project scope.

Why is it useful?

Having architecture included within planning phase allows customers to:

— have an organized support and management processes

— build a top quality product

Benefits you get

✔ Knowledge transfer support

✔ Mistakes and malfunctions can be spotted easier

✔ Allowing to handle increased demand, when expanding business

✔ Thorough planning improves development process, saving time and money

How does it work?

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